Allow me to try and guess what brought you to this post.

You were recently stopped out in a trade with a fraction of a pip, just to see price rebound off that your stop level and head back in your designed direction?

Ridiculous how that happens isn’t it…

It’s a reasonable assumption there is someone, or something targeting to get you. The odds of being stopped out like that must be considered a bazillion-to-one! Correct?

Well, kinda.

There is someone out there to get you, but it is not the broker.

Allow me to ask you another question. Did you put your stop level slightly above or below a recent swing high/low?

Be honest… you did, didn’t you?

Now, if I’m able to predict where did you put your stop, it’s reasonable to assume there are numerous of other traders out there thinking the same thing.

The main market players like hedge funds and banking institutions make use of this modeling as their competitive advantage, gobbling upwards little fish like you as they push price around and trigger our stops.

These sharks use considerable amounts of processing power and predictive research to guess what market participants (you and me) are likely to do next.

In addition to what’s the one thing that most retail FX traders do with their stops?

Put them just below or above a recent swing high/low.

The concept that a broker is sitting down watching your trade, waiting for the particular instant price comes inside a bees dick of your stop, then to trigger that prematurely is as probably as that same bees dick being used as a weapon of bulk destruction.

You were stopped out because you’re a new retail punter that does not know how the market performs.

So wise up plus stop putting your stop levels where everyone is able to discover them.

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