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Risk Disclaimer: Vision Signals will not be held liable regarding any loss or harm resulting from reliance on the information contained within this site including but not limited to market information,Forex Analytics, trading signals and broker reviews. The information contained in this site isn't necessarily real-time nor precise. Forex trading is high-risk, and is not well suited for all investors. As a leveraged product losses usually are able to exceed preliminary deposits and capital can be at risk. Before deciding to trade Forex or any kind of financial instrument you should carefully consider your own investment objectives, degree of knowledge, and risk appetite. 

Vision Signals

Real-Time Forex Market Trends 

Vision Signals is a service that allows individuals access to real-time market trends through the use of best Forex Signals. 


More, Vision Signals (headquartered in Cairo, Egypt) allows our members the ability to automatically execute trades on their own MetaTrader platform. We are a professional signal provider and we provide the Best Forex Signals in the Forex market. 

Forex is a commonly used abbreviation for "foreign exchange," and it is typically used to describe trading in the foreign exchange market by investors and speculators.

We at Vision Signals offer best Forex signals, we monitor the Forex market 24 hours. Starting  Sunday at 23:00 and ending at 23:00 on Friday. Also, we recommend to you which broker to use (please check "Open an Account" tab)

Follow and subscribe our signal in a few clicks. Monitor our account which is provided with detailed statistics and trading history. Only you need to register through Please check "Services" tab.

What are Forex Signals

Forex trading signals are essentially ideas indicating the market trends in real time. Trading signals are widely-used by novice and professional investors alike. Most Forex signals include the position type (buy or sell) as well as the take profit and stop loss levels. Vision Signals provides best signals on Forex pairs with an easier way. You will get trades automatically copied to your platform.

Brief аbout FOREX trading

FOREX is actually a sum of selling plus buying operations of international currencies in defined circumstances (sum, exchange rate, time). The main players inside the Forex marketing usually are: trading banks, currency dealers, central banks, investment accounts, brokerage companies, private individuals, etc.

The main foreign currencies taking part in the particular Forex System are: UNITED STATES DOLLAR, EUR, JPY, CHF in addition to GBP. The daily volume level of conversion operations is usually about 5 trillion $.

The daily operation amount of the biggest banks around the world can reach to milliards of dollars. Spot-operations or as known as current conventional operations usually are referred to as selling or buying currency deals. Their implementation is realized upon the second day, then the deal is closed.

Thanks to the margin trade, everybody can be a part in the procedure – even those, who have no enough money. Broker agents who are able to suggest marginal trading help insist on a deposit and give clients the possibility to create selling/buying operations in sizing, much bigger than typically the deposit they have provided to their broker. Loss risks are taken simply by the clients themselves. The deposit is only an assurance for the brokers.

We are able to obtain information concerning the financial markets circumstances from REUTERS, DOW JONES, CQG, BLOOMBERG, TENFORE and so on. These people are using real-time techniques, giving us data regarding the currency quotation plus financial-economic news from worldwide agencies, as well.

Margin trading

As opposed to the real currency operations/the real currency trade, Forex traders, in particular those who have limited monetary opportunities, are taking part in the particular process of depositing their own money. This means they are taking part in the margin trading/leverage trading. Each and every margin trading operation constantly passes through two phases: currency sale/buying process at one price and eligible sale/buying process at the particular same or different price. The first actions is called “position finding” while the second one is called “position closing”.

When opening a position, the customer deposits his own funds. This insurance is just like compensation, if there will be some risk of loss. After closing a position, the deposit will be given back to the client in addition to he gets a loss or profit report ~ it will depend on the final results the client has acquired. Additionally, the deposit is usually 100 times smaller compared to the sum that has been invested by the client.

Here is a good illustration about position finding and position closing operations: for example, if you have a new prediction that euro will become a lot more expensive than dollar will in the future, this implies that we will favor buying euro to dollar in the present, to ensure that we will have the ability to sell this position with a higher price later on.

We are going to proceed almost within the same way, whenever EUR will be less expensive than USD, to ensure that all of us will acquire some profit.

In order to take part in FOREX Trading, you will be able to join us only if you possess some stock-broker assistance. There are broker organizations which give you the ability to use some real-time data from Dow Jones, REUTERS and similar. Even if you are rich enough to pay to information providers, you will need an active market maker. Broker will fix the price of the deal.

All the quotations you see on your screen, are ones that will let you make real-time deals in FOREX platform. These are always changing, that’s exactly why you are unable to call your broker and tell him you want a position of a profitable (according to you) price because this price might not be profitable for him.


You will see that for each and every currency pair two prices are given. One is the price at which you can buy the currency pair and another is the price at which you can sell it. The variation between the two prices is called “spread” and symbolizes the broker’s profits from each transaction you perform. A trader have to remember that when you buy a currency pair you really buy the first currency plus selling the second currency. Also, spread vary from broker to another and from currency pair to another.

Exactly what are pending Orders and exactly how to make use of them?

Pending orders are widely-used when a trader want to create a deal, however not capable to stay standing in front of the computer all the time. Whenever inserting a pending order, it will be performed automatically when the price is reached through the market, and you will possess an open position. Similarly, you can close an active position. Pending orders that would close your current winning position are referred to as Limited Orders. Those that will keep you from increasing losses by closing your current position at a specific price are called Stop orders. Just one is the variable you need to get into before confirming a Pending order, and that will be the price.